Feed America-NOW

A Concert Series to END Hunger!

America is the land of plenty, with more than enough to go around.
But our rapidly changing economy has created a tremendous increase in demand for Food bank food distribution programs.

Our Government is cutting such programs by 20-30%, or eliminating them all together. For 1 in 6 Americans, hunger is a reality. Right now, millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. These are often hard-working, educated adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days. Predominately children, working poor families, and the recently unemployed. 1 in 5 children go to bed hungry every night.

The mission at Feed America-Now is to create financial support from Music and Entertainment to feed America's hungry through Food banks nationwide and engage our country to end hunger.

Concerts To End Hunger

Willie Basse has announced a series of unique concerts to raise awareness and change the plight of fellow American's that are going hungry.

Willie has seen first-hand, capable, educated Americans accross the country out of work, without food.
Until America can start manufacturing again and put people back to work, we have to come together, make a change and help each other.

"Through music and entertainment we can make a huge difference in a short amount of time. I'm stepping up to address the epidemic in our own back yard" states Basse. "Join us at the concerts. Donate money and bring canned goods to make a difference. A little will go a long way!"